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Create your own
feel-good home!

We will help you find exactly the right furniture
to give you a feeling of happiness and satisfaction!

Are you looking for comfortable and functional furniture that suits you perfectly?

Do you want to finally furnish your home according to your wishes and ideas? You want the furniture of your dreams, as you are now entering the best phase of your life. The quality and functionality of your new furniture plays a major role in this.

You ask yourself: Who will give me the right advice to help me make the best decision for my new phase of life?

At Möbel Mayer, we want to help people in the best half of their lives to find the right offer for them. We respect the life achievements of the people who come to us and help them to make their home their place of well-being.

You only find out about people’s underlying needs when you talk to them in person. The people who visit us are more than customers, they are our guests.

Furnish. Excellent. Feel good.




Your dream furniture in just 3 steps

Step 1:

Visit our furniture store for a no-obligation consultation

You can feel the furniture directly on site and try it out.

Step 2:

We will consult you over a cup of coffee or latte macchiato

We take care of your personal wishes and needs in a relaxed atmosphere.

Step 3:

Together we will find exactly the right furniture for you

We don’t see you as a customer, but as a person and show you the right furniture for your new phase of life.


Marita S.


Very friendly and competent staff, very large selection, not a standard range but a high-quality range at an adequate price. Delivery and assembly were also excellent, from meeting deadlines to separating the packaging and disposal. We will be happy to buy again!

Sandra M.


The purchase of my couch was uncomplicated and quick with very good advice and also a big thank you to the delivery service, the two gentlemen were extremely friendly.

Bernd F.


Everything went very well: from the very good and friendly sales advice to the excellent (and certainly not everyday) service on delivery. the agreed delivery time was also met. we are very satisfied with the quality of the furniture. Super!

We know why expert advice is important when buying furniture.

With the experience of 4 generations, we have been supporting many satisfied customers for a lifetime. As the industry winner in the 6th Bad Kreuznach Customer Review, our customers gave us first place for highest customer satisfaction, friendliness and best service.

Our principle is to get to know people, listen to their wishes, understand their needs and make a tailor-made proposal so that they are happy with their new furniture.

Sieger Kundenspiegel 2023

Have you been saying for 10 years that you want to change something?

What’s stopping you from finding the furniture you love so much right now?

It can be so nice: you live every day in exactly the right furniture for you! Finally, everything fits just the way you want it! You show everyone how great you feel with your new furniture!

Every day you live in the comfort you deserve. You show yourself and your friends how beautifully you live and how good you have it now!

You can enjoy the best years of your life carefree in your own home, within your own four walls.

At Möbel Mayer, we are working towards a world in which everyone is happy in their own home.

We take our time to make the world a better place for everyone. We provide detailed advice and see the customer as a person with individual needs. We build a relationship with the customer and work with them to find the right piece of furniture.

We have been there for you for 4 generations.

2 brothers who complement each other well

Since 2005, Bernhard and Franz Mayer have been running the company, which was founded in 1887, in the 4th generation. While Franz never left his grandfather’s side in the workshop as a child and was interested in cutting and shavings, Bernhard started rummaging through his father’s filing system in the office as soon as he could read and write. Today, Bernhard is the commercial manager and Franz is the technical manager. The two are supported by their brother-in-law Thomas Engel, who manages the kitchen studio. Together, they have around 100 years of experience in the industry, which we are happy to share with our customers.