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English-speaken service in a German furniture store?

Would that be paradise for you?
It sounds like a dream comes true. Yes, here it is.

Daniel Sarullo

furnishing consultant

When I was just 5 years old, I loved drawing. Back then, it was sailboats that sparked my creativity, giving wings to my sketches. Worlds formed in my mind, and I could bring them to life on paper. My passion for languages was ignited by an international circle of family and friends. English, to me, is the key to connecting with other cultures and people as I travel the world! I enjoy combining representing your new home with English-language consultations.

Sebastian Siepenkötter

furnishing consultant

Ever since I was a little kid, I loved playing with building blocks to create dream houses and decorating them with homemade furniture. This love for building led me to study architecture later on. Because of my dad’s job, I had lots of contact with the US Airbase Ramstein when I was young and even as an adult. This gave me plenty of chances to talk with Americans, which helped me get really good at English. Now, I’m excited to share my passion for great interior design and English with you.

Tristan Smith

kitchen consultant

Your kitchen consultant

Welcome to Germany! Congratulations to you,  we are happy to have you here.

You consider Germany your new home.

Three reasons why Möbel Mayer is the right place if you are looking for the right furniture, exactly fitting your needs and taste:

  1. Our furnishing professionals are fluent in English. You don’t have to talk to us with your hands and feet but you can talk about your needs in English.
  2. With us it isn´t up to your imagination how your furniture looks in your rooms. We create a picture of your new home with 3D planning.
  3. We make you feel cosy in your new home. Möbel Mayer ist your “One Stop Shop”; when can we help you to create your new home?

Let us now create your new home together.

Customer testimonials

Marita S.


Very friendly and competent staff, very large selection, not a standard range but a high-quality range at an adequate price. Delivery and assembly were also excellent, from meeting deadlines to separating the packaging and disposal. We will be happy to buy again!

Sandra M.


The purchase of my couch was uncomplicated and quick with very good advice and also a big thank you to the delivery service, the two gentlemen were extremely friendly.

Bernd F.


Everything went very well: from the very good and friendly sales advice to the excellent (and certainly not everyday) service on delivery. the agreed delivery time was also met. we are very satisfied with the quality of the furniture. Super!